Are You a Tradie? Or is someone you love a Tradie?

It is no secret that being a tradie is a tough job on the body.

  • Lifting, pulling, pushing & bending
  • Repetitive movements with low muscle loading
  • Prolonged standing
  • Working in cramped spaces

Physically demanding trade jobs can cause and exacerbate a range of injuries:

Back pain is the most common injury experienced by tradies, as it is part of the body involved in almost all the tasks that tradies undertake at work

Shoulder and neck issues related to repetitive reaching and holding actions with the arms

Knee & leg pain related to repeated kneeling and bending to the ground.

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What is a tradie Massage? What does it involve?

………………..A tradie massage IS NOT A FLUFFY MASSAGE! ……………………..

A tradie massage includes:

  • A full body analysis to assess posture related muscle tightness
  • A deep tissue warming heat pre massage to release tight muscles
  • A full body remedial massage using a range of myofascial release & stretching techniques to help reduce tension and deep holding patterns in problem areas
  • Post massage advice around self-care strategies to maintain muscle flexibility


The most valuable asset in your toolkit is your health…. Don’t let sore or tight muscles, painful shoulders or neck muscles develop into something more serious.

Prevention is better than a cure.

Taking care of your body will help to reduce future injuries at work.

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