Harsh wintry conditions can wreak havoc on the skin, stripping it of its natural moisture and leaving it feeling dry, tight and sometimes itchy.  Our skin’s barrier is assaulted by the cold, dry air outside and the dry heated air inside.  This combination can exacerbate many skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and skin sensitivity. 

Dry, chapped skin isn’t just uncomfortable or painful — it is unhealthy and can form lines and wrinkles. It will make you look older than you are – and nobody wants that!

Prepare your skin with massage therapy so that you can reduce the dryness keeping your skin looking healthy and young this winter. 

How can massage help?


When you receive your massage, the oils used lock in moisture, protecting the skin from nasty environmental effects.  Basically, they prevent the evaporation of moisture giving you extended skin hydration.  Using oils that are rich in nutrients such as Jojoba, sesame or almond will help deliver powerful nutrients to your skin.


We all know that regular massage therapy helps you naturally feel better. In the harsh conditions of winter, an appropriate massage will help your skin heal and prepare it for the conditions it will face. Healthy skin will help you feel refreshed and relaxed. 


Massage can help to increase nutrition to the cells in the skin encouraging cell regeneration.  It also helps to reduce the tension in the skin and adjoining tissues as well as increasing circulation which in turn improves the skin’s tone and colour.  Your skin will have a rejuvenated natural glow and softer touch.

You shouldn’t wait to get dry and chapped skin. Start treating your skin for the long dry winter now. Continue your massage therapy throughout the winter to keep up your healthy skin.

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