These massage types have been shown to help with the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Myofascial Release:
This type of fibromyalgia massage treats muscle pain and stiffness by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood flow, and stimulating the “stretch reflex” in muscles. This approach was supported by the inventor of osteopathic medicine, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. This fibromyalgia massage technique can be active (patient provides resistance) or passive (patient stays relaxed).

Connective Tissue Massage:
This type of fibromyalgia massage uses slower strokes with more pressure to release deeper layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue).
Manual Lymphatic Drainage:
This gentle massage aids in the natural drainage of lymphatic fluid, which is responsible for circulating through the body’s lymph system, carrying waste products away from the tissues and back toward the heart. This system works by movement of skeletal muscles and contraction of the “smooth muscle” in the walls of lymph vessels. This fibromyalgia massage uses rhythmic motions to get the lymph fluid moving.

So Which is the Best Massage for Fibromyalgia?

A 2014 review of medical literature attempted to answer the question above.
This research revealed that myofascial release had a large, positive effect on pain and some positive effects on anxiety, depression, fatigue, quality of life and stiffness.

Connective tissue massage was found to improved depression and quality of life, however, manual lymph drainage appeared to be more effective than connective tissue massage in regards to stiffness, depression and quality of life.

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