High blood pressure has more misconceptions than nearly any other medical condition. Here are some common misconceptions according to the Australian Heart Association:

Myth: High blood pressure has many symptoms
Fact: High blood pressure has NO symptoms. That’s why it’s often called the silent killer.

Myth: High blood pressure is a man’s problem
Fact: High blood pressure can be anyone’s problem. In fact, women need to be aware of certain things that may put them at greater risk than men

Myth: You don’t need to have your high blood pressure checked until you reach middle age.
Fact: Children as young as six can have high blood pressure. It’s a good idea to start having your blood pressure checked at an early age.

One effective way to stave off high blood pressure naturally is massage therapy.

Long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can decrease diastolic and systolic blood pressure; decrease salivary and urinary cortisol stress-hormone levels; and lower sources for depression, anxiety and hostility, as well as many other benefits.

Benefits of Lower Blood Pressure

  • Lower Depression, Anxiety, and Hostility
  • Keeps Stress Hormone Levels under control
  • Low Blood Pressure can contribute to Lowering the Odds of having a Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, or a Stroke


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