According to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert (Dept. of Health, dated 14 March 2020) currently, Australia does NOT have widespread community transmission of the virus. I know we all would like to keep it this way.

Experts from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) state that COVID-19 spreads from person to person in a similar way to the flu:

  • From close contact with an infected person
  • From touching objects or surfaces contaminated by the sneeze or cough of an infected person and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth

Keeping you healthy and safe during your massage.

We are very serious about following legitimate and factual protocols and using best practice procedures to help control and prevent the spread of infections and disease.

  • Self-quarantine:

If you have recently travelled to an overseas destination considered high risk or been in close contact with someone who has, we request that you wait at least 14 days before you schedule an appointment.

  • Symptoms you should monitor for:

COVID-19 can cause symptoms similar to the flu, including fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness or shortness of breath. If you or anyone in your circle of family or acquaintances has these symptoms – we ask that you reschedule your appointment to a later date. (14 days later)

Hygiene practices within the clinic environment:

We would like to inform our clients of the best practice procedures routinely used at Barbara Forbes Massage:

  • All towels and linens are changed between each client
  • Soiled towels and linens are laundered within 12 hours of use
  • The massage table and equipment used are cleaned and sanitized between sessions
  • All hard surfaces in both the clinic and reception (including chairs, doors, door handles and credit card machine) are cleaned and sanitized between sessions.
  • The bathroom is cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • I undertake regular hand washing (and arm washing) before and after giving a massage.
  • Hand sanitizers and tissues are available for client use in both reception and the clinic room.

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