Because back pain can be so debilitating many people seek out serious interventions like surgery or pain killers in order to alleviate their symptoms… but, it turns out all you might need is a simple stretching routine. 

Why Stretching Works for Back Pain

  • Most back pain can be resolved by keeping your spine strong and flexible through regular stretching
  • Incorporating a daily stretching routine to strengthen the spine, loosen muscles and increase flexibility offers effective relief from back pain.

Best Back Stretching Exercises


STRETCH: Begin on all fours.  Sit your hips back while reaching your arms forward until a mild stretch is felt in the back.  Hold the stretch for 10 seconds.  Repeat 5 times.

WHY IT WORKS: This stretch helps improve mobility of the spine while relaxing the muscles of the lower back. 



STRETCH:  Sit on the floor with one leg straight and the other bent.  While keeping a flat back lean forward by hinging from the hip until a stretch is felt behind the thigh.  Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.  Repeat with other leg. 

WHY IT WORKS: When you spend a long time seated the back of the legs can get tight.  This would cause pulling in the back when bending forward.  Having flexible hamstrings allows for decreased stress in the back.



STRETCH:  Begin on all fours.  Arch your back towards the ceiling and hold for 5 seconds.  Then arch your back towards the ground and hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat 10 times

WHY THIS WORKS:  This stretch helps maintain mobility of the spine while strengthening both the back and the abdominal muscles.



STRETCH:  Begin by lying on the mat with knees bent.  While keeping the upper back flat on the ground, rotate the legs towards the floor on one side until a stretch is felt.  Hold stretch for 5 seconds.  Repeat the stretch on the other side.   Repeat process 10 times.

WHY IT WORKS:  This stretch helps improve mobility of the spine while relaxing the muscles on the side of the trunk. 

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