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Myofascial Lines and Pain (Part 2)

SLM Bodywork treats myofascial meridians. SLM bodywork – what is it? Origins SLM stands for ‘Steve Lockhart’s Myotherapy’. He developed this style of bodywork following his training under John Guttenbeil in the late 1980s. It is a hands-on form of bodywork influenced...

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Myofascial lines and pain (Part 1)

What are myofascial lines? The term ‘myofascial’ refers to the unit comprised of muscle and connective tissue. It can be defined as a linear series of muscles/myofascial units interconnected within the fascial webbing of the body. Because each myofascial unit...

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9 Benefits of Regular Remedial Massage

If you are looking for more reasons for booking a massage, other than ‘because it feels great’, look no further. Let’s face it, massage can make you a much happier person…but here are nine rock solid benefits of regular massage that make a compelling argument to book...

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What exactly is fascia? Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue, primarily collagen and elastin, which lies beneath the skin and attaches, stabilizes, encloses and separates muscles and internal organs. Healthy fascia is smooth and slippery so that it can...

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What is SLM Bodywork?

  SLM stands for Steve Lockhart’s Myotherapy; it is a hands-on form of bodywork influenced largely by ancient Eastern healing techniques. SLM Bodywork involves manipulating the body’s soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure, myotherapy and massage...

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MYTH NUMBER 1:  We only need to seek massage when something is wrong with us Simply not true.  It is well known that massage can be beneficial in reducing muscular pains and spasm, reducing the chronic pain of injuries and helping with injury rehabilitation.  However,...

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Massage – make time for you this New Year Book Yourself or Someone You Love A Massage  Ph: 0415 422 600

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