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Top 4 Reasons Massage is More Than a Luxury

We commonly think of massage as just an occasional treat or a luxury that only some can afford. While massage is a treat and you will surely leave feeling rejuvenated, there is a huge difference between a massage and any old back rub. Regular, therapeutic massage can...

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Christmas Gift Vouchers for Massage Therapy! Great Idea!

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Massage Therapy! Great Idea!   Are you looking for the perfect gift that anyone will love? A massage voucher from Barbara Forbes Massage is your answer.   Great if you are shopping for a loved one, staff, friends or family and simply don’t...

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RELIEVING BACK PAIN WITH STRETCHING Because back pain can be so debilitating many people seek out serious interventions like surgery or pain killers in order to alleviate their symptoms… but, it turns out all you might need is a simple stretching routine.  Why...

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SLM Bodywork Therapy

The incredible secret behind fixing all types of pain quickly and effectively! Ever heard yourself say “I wish I could be PAIN FREE”… Well now you can! SLM Bodywork Origins SLM stands for ‘Steve Lockhart’s Myotherapy’.  He developed this style of bodywork following...

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Basic Stretches A few simple exercises to stretch your neck can help reduce the intensity of the headache. Move your chin upwards and downwards, left and right, and bend your neck sideways towards each shoulder. You can also try to slowly rotate the neck in clockwise...

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4 Strange Sciatica Causes

Think sciatica is only caused by spinal injury? Your jeans and shoes may tell a different story. (Written by Reginald Q. Knight, MD, MHA    Article taken from Spine Universe) Sciatica is a debilitating set of symptoms caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve. It...

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Are you filling your days with lots of activities and enjoying the benefits? Fresh air Quality family time Exercise What about the unwelcome side effects…………? Sore back & shoulders Stiff and painful muscles Weak, tired and dehydrated Did you know that Massage...

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MYTH NUMBER 1: We only need to seek massage when something is wrong with us Simply not true.  It is well known that massage can be beneficial in reducing muscular pains and spasm, reducing the chronic pain of injuries and helping with injury rehabilitation.  However,...

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Does Anxiety = Muscle Pain?

Recent studies have shown a strong relationship between anxiety and muscle pain. Anxiety is a normal feeling to encounter; however when one experiences excessive worry, tension, and anxious feelings on a daily basis then it can cause very significant physical symptoms...

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